Movie video: Kingdom of Gold

I just released an unofficial MUSIC* video of Kingdom of Gold by Mark Knopfler.
It’s entirely done in blender.
I wish I had time to make it better but I’ve been on it for way too long, sometimes it needs to go out as is!
This is one man’s work, I hope you can enjoy it and give me feedback!

Thank you

*wrong thread title… oops

Elbriga…didn’t know what to expect but enjoyed it. I can appreciate the amount of time invested in this. High points I liked: Lots of good framing in the scenes/segments, nice images. It also fit the “mood” of the music. Good use of particles and nice transitions from light to dark in the lighthouse scene. Did you use cloth sim on the sails and clothing and flags? They turned out well and added a lot to the different scenes. Overall, good effort. Look forward to seeing more work, maybe add detail in the textures and models next project? Good job.