Moving 3D Logo

Tried to post this last week but do not have a high enough post count to post a link. Saw a work around though so if you do not mind pasting the link in a new browser tab and removing the space in ht tp

ht tp://

Wanted to try the logo effect they are using in Fringe. I used Voodoo for the initial camera tracking and then did a little hand keying to take out some of the bounce.

I did learn that Blender is an excellent tool in all sorts of unexpected ways, I spent some time trying to find a free utility to convert my avi to tga that I needed for Voodoo and could not find one. Then it occurred to me that I already had one. Loaded the avi in the sequence editor, set the output to raw targa and, viola! :slight_smile:

I would try to “blend” it more.

Also it moves slightly :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Killer,
As you can tell my camera work is not the best, that’s why I call it Shaking Camera Productions :eyebrowlift:

I spent a half hour or so hand keying the logo to get most of the shake out of it. I will do more before I use it.

Can you give me more information about what you mean by “blend” it more?

the video is fuzzy and such, so make the logo fuzzy…

why did you hand key it? Just use a tracking program like Motion or Maya Live

Got it, this test I used a defocus node after the vector blur. ht tp://

Hmm, although both apps are probably better than Voodoo they are a little out of my only doing this for fun price range.

Thanks for the feedback.

Nice animation.
I have also created one moving logo completely with blender