Moving a blend file within a project supported?


I have a complex directory structure where a scene blend file is linked with props, rigs, sets and etc.
I would like to move this root scene file one directory level down. Obviously, that will break all relative paths for linked files.

Anyways, I tried to uncheck the “Relative Paths” on User Preferences and re-save the root file (unchecking “Remap Relative”). Then I moved down to another directory and re-open. It did not work.

Does anyone managed to get this moving right?

Is there any AddOn that would save a .blend in a text or XML format? If so I could use search/replace or sep to fix that.

Thanks in advance,

This is a good, general question:
Could you post it here?

Answers on forums tend to get lost in noise.

thanks a lot, good site for Q&A.

answer was there: