Moving a small portion of the mesh

Okay, i will try to make this as simple as possible. Lets say that there is a rectangular box with a sphere inside of it. I want the bottom of the rectangle to be able to slide a small portion of it so that the ball can fall and then the small sliding thing will move back in place. The mesh is textured. How can i do this?

If you need more information let me know.

do you mean something like this


Ya i guess so, same aspect as i was thinking more of a slide instead of a rotate. How did you do that?

so you want to move the flap only sidewards, or…?

Well my goal is to move it in a horizontal way. Instead of it being attached to the mesh, it will just slide and only that little square will slide.

See how yours rotates and is connected to the mesh? I want mine to slide but the rest of the mesh remains in place, just the little flap is moving.

you have to do an animation, or maybe softbodys will help

You can separate the one face if you want. In edit mode select the face and press P. When asked, tell Bender you want to separate “selected”. You will then be able to animate the single face independently of the box mesh.

Yes, lancer, that is what i did at first but the problem is that i have a texture on the mesh. This screws the texture up since it is trying to squeeze the texture into that small little square.

Maybe UV Mapping is what you are looking for ?

Dam guys, i am really sorry. I applied a new texture and never looked at the problem after it. It ended up fixing it :p. I apologize for making you guys think about this problem.

I have another problem which relates to this one. If you look at the bottom of the plane you will notice that there is a piece that just sticks out. That is the piece that i unjoined from the main mesh. It sticks out because it is not connected to the mesh. How can i fix this so it blends with the mesh?


You will run into this kind of problem if there are subsurface modifiers or where smooth (as in “make smooth”) runs onto curves. Take out any such modifiers and make the whole surface “hard” to see if the join shows up any more. If not, then you’re going to have to be selective about how and where to smooth things.

Not the darkening around the wing flaps? Same problem.Don’t use “smooth” at sharp angles… bevel them a little.