Moving about and texturing

Every time i try doing a small home, and get close to house i model i cannot move and stuck, and when i try to back off, starts incredibly slow at first then 30 meters away normal speed, then when i try to texture just floor with wooden fine flooring, Blender does walls and ceiling as well, Blender doesnt know left hand from the right hand, so i am quiting trying to model and texture a house, but not completely quit, i just tinker.

If the zooming in/out is slow, it is because you are at an extreme to what the camera is set at. To fix this, you need to re-centre the camera, which can be done in many ways. You can centre to the world origin with Shift+C, or centre on selected objects with Numpad . (decimal point).

This is assuming you are still using older versions of Blender where an issue like this existed a lot.

I am using V2.82, also there are a lot of mansion only shows just a front photo of a mansion, no rear, left and right photo of Mansion like Balmoral castle which looks like the replica movie house of Dark Shadows with Jonney Dep, so model that cannot be done, but there are all 3 floor layout house planes plus basement.

Are you talking about zooming in the viewport? I think the problem may be that you are in perspective mode. Use the 5 on the numpad to change to orthographic and see if this helps.