Moving/aligning groups as a whole?

I think Blender handles and uses the notion of groups a little differently then more 3d apps. In anycase, I am having trouble both moving a group of selected objects (not necesarily grouped into a named group using the Transform Properties roll out. The transform properties rollout apparently manages only one object as far as I can tell and changing values in there simply changes that object. Is there any way to change a bunch of selected objects as a whole (apart from moving them in the 3d view)?

If all objects are selected or the Group is selected, you could use the keyboard for numeric input.
For example to move all objects 2 units in global x direction, you would type g x 2, one after another.
Once you get used to it its quite simple.

g for grab, r for rotate, s for scale

x,y or z for global axisdirection - xx, yy, zz for local direction or whatever you have activated in the 3Dheader

2 for the units - can be negative as well.

Another option is the align Transform orientation ( Ctrl+Alt+A). You can set the orientation before in the Transform Orientation Panel.

Then there is a script called Axis Orientation Copy, if you want the objects to share the same rotation