Moving an image along the certain path

Dear experts,

I would like to move an image around rectangular path, so it will move inside the circumference.

Thank you

Hey Robin,

have your object/image at 0,0,0 and create a curve in the same location (Shift+A-> Curve -> Rectangular, in this case).

Select the image, go to the Object Constraints Properties (fourth tab from the bottom), Add Object Constraint, Follow Path. As a target, select the rectangle or curve you want the object to follow.

Adjust the settings as needed, then you can either let Blender animate the path with this option, or keyframe the offset value yourself.


Sorry for my ignorance. When I open that video in 3d view window it disappears. I don’t see some-kind of object in Outliner

Thank you for your help

I pasted below what have done

When I tested on timeline it does not move.
To add to my video put it on top? How to adjust the size of the path to match with the video?

See in the object constraints…there is no PATH you need to edit the plane and select only the face and delete it leaving the edges…then back in object mode…select the plane edges and convert to CURVE then parent the video to the curve with Follow Path…then add your constraint select the box/curve and set z as forward ( or what you prefer )

Thank you for the tip. I’ll try next time. Now I did it with 4-corners keyframes (manually).