Moving an Object Resets its Hair Settings

Hey Everyone,

I’m having a frustrating issue with some hair. I styled it in Particle Edit Mode, and it looks fine, everything working great. But if I move the object generating the particle system to a new layer, when I go to that layer, all the hair is facing straight in one direction (in this case, -Y) instead of being combed/styled the way it was before.

If I Append the object generating the particle system into another .blend file, the hair is reset again, as well.

Is there a setting or something that will keep this from happening?

Okay, this is driving me even more nuts now.

I have a completely separate object with a particle system, this time for some grass. I went through and set everything up the way I wanted, and everything looked good.

As soon as I moved the object to another layer, it’s like it ignores all the particles settings and just sets everything to one length and one orientation - no random sizes, no Brownian settings, no clump settings, etc.

This time, however, even moving other objects to the same layer as this object with the grass causes the grass to reset… sometimes. I haven’t been able to find any patterns to this. One one attempt, moving object A to the same layer as my grass object may have no effect, and when I try moving that same Object A later, it resets everything.

Weirdest of all, whenever it resets, I immediately close Blender without saving. However, when I open that file again, the grass is still reset, even though the last time I saved the file it was fine.

Any ideas on this? I’m losing my mind over here…

Hmm, I use hair quite a bit and I haven’t seen this. Are you maybe using hair dynamics, if you have it checked I would uncheck it. If you are using it, on purpose, you may just need to re bake your hair (under cache) (or click ‘free bake’). Also make sure you have a new(er) version of blender. Short of that post a sample blend and steps to re create the issue. But I can certainly comb hair, bake dynamics, and move the object between layers without any issues.

Thanks for the suggestions. No hair dynamics here, and I’m in the full 2.70 release.

I’m having a hard time attaching a .blend - is there a file size limit? The site says the file completes its upload, but then it doesn’t show up in my attachments folder.

I still can’t figure out a pattern to the problem, but sometimes just moving an object, or rotating it, or basically making any changes to the scene will reset the grass. Other times you can make a whole series of changes without affecting the grass at all. Moving objects between layers seems to be the most common cause of resetting the particles, but that doesn’t always do it, either.

pasteall for blends is a good one , or dropbox which gives you more control. There is a limit on blends on BA, ~1mb maybe. Post a blend if you can, as it could be something simple, or it could be a bug.