Moving and deforming sheet of paper on curve

Hello, I’m trying to animate a sheet of paper to make it fly along a specific path. I also want that the sheet of paper bends on the same curve while moving.

The problem is that if I use both the Follow Path constraint and the Curve modifier, either one or the other won’t work because each one needs a different origin for the curve object to work.

How can I make the paper follow the path and bend it on the path? I’m attaching a blend file, you can see that the curve modifier offsets the paper away from the curve.

Thank you.

PAPER_PATH.blend (621.2 KB)

If you want the paper to both follow and be deformed by the curve, you don’t need the follow path. Mute the follow path and translate the mesh in the x axis (the axis for the curve deform modifier.)

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Thank you!