moving camera and light?

(Scott) #1

How do you move the camera and light? I’ve looked at a number getting started sites and Blender doc page with no luck. I’m a brand new newbie to Blender and 3d modeling in general. At present everything I’ve done is in Corel Draw which i get around in easily.
Thanks Scott

(digital_me) #2

You right click the camera or light, and press ‘G’. Then, after you have moved it where you want it, just click.

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(sten) #3

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(Scott) #4

I’ve only been trying using Blender a week. It’s a big learning curve. I need to get use to when a given key will work
Thanks again Scott

(digital_me) #5

It’s a very long learning vurve, nobody ever really masters blender, since there are always nnew features pouring in. You should check out the blender noob to pro wikibook here: .