Moving castle - CGboost Challenge

Current status:

Hi there, i also try my best at the moving castle challenge from CGboost.

In short, smash bioshock infinity and a bit of pixar light together and voila, thats my setting/mood.

I grabbed some textures from, made them tileable/trim sheet like and created “Building blocks” for my buildings.
Volumetric shader for the god rays and another volume for the clouds, just a few voronoi textures control those.

First wip render with unpleasing colours caused by the new sky texture. Its usually great, but i did push it a bit too much here, so thats why it looks kind of broken.

Second wip image with adjusted colours and some more details.

I ran into a problem with cycles and dont have a neat idea on how to fix that (aside of just rendering twice).
By adding spotlights, the foreground loses a lot of its smooth indirect bouncy light.
Is there a way to avoid this issue?
I tried with multi importance sampling/ more samples/ branched sampling but nothing did help.
Atm i am just ignoring it and would probably fix that in post.


nice lighting and scene! :star_struck:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Oh, thats unexpected Bart, thank you.
Its not even finished! :wink:

And an update.

I added some flags, decoration and a balcony.
Additionally a second layer of volumetric clouds was added to increase the depth a bit.
Not much time left, i would love to get some focus on the balcony now. Not sure yet what i can offer^^


I’m really liking this! Obviously, people pointing towards the city is the first thing that come to mind for the balcony. I’ve never attempted to model a person from scratch, but I do use Make Human to create a base that I can add details to. I believe that this is permitted within the rules of the challenge.

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Thank you!
Yeah, i was thinking of the same.
Here a simple stock photo of a pointing person just pushed into 3d could be enough. There was a nice tutorial from Ian Hubert on that. The person might be small enough to get away with that.

Yeah, that would work! His method was exactly what I used for the armies in my entry!

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And the person is added now. Indeed i just took a 1900th century photograph and pushed it into 3d. Had to cut of and replace the head to get the right pose though :wink:
Light setup was also touched, the balloons should now be much more visible.
Tomorrow will be most likely just some more set dressing and details, there is just very little i wnat to change now.
I rendered now with my custom denoising setup (, as the optix denoiser put way too much ao into the baloons.