Moving Curser to Center

Is there a button to press to move the curser back to where it starts originally?

The 3D cursor moves to whereever you left click in the 3D view. There really isn’t a default place for the cursor. However, if you want to move the 3D cusror to a vertex or face have a look at the SHIFT+S menu selections.


Shift-C moves the cursor back to the origin, and also shifts and scales the view so that everything is visible.

Alternatively, in the Properties panel of the 3D View editor, under View, you can enter the position of the cursor, so entering 0.0 for each component would move it back to the origin.

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…in addition to the above, it is also possible to change the 3DView behaviour so that it doesn’t move on left-click. I have it set to Shift-left click so that it moves only when I want it to, not when I don’t.

Heh. Seconded. In fact, since I can see no reasonable use for placing the cursor freehand, I not only have my preferences set so that left-click is select, but have changed placement of the cursor to Control-right-click.

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Shift+S->Cursor to Center

How do you change that preference because its very annoying when it moves

Files > User Preferences

Super duper big awesome THANK YOU!