moving keyframes in the timeline

I was wondering if there was a quick technique for moving keyframes on the timeline (or the IPO curve view)

I know you can go to the IPO view, select all the curves, press tab, select the points, press G to drag them around, press X to get it only going backwards and forward (not up and down), and then holding shift so they go to whole frame numbers (not, for eg, frame 4.543)…

but it would be nice if there was a quicker way - eg, dragging the yellow bars on the timeline around, to speed up / slow down sections of animation.
any suggestions?


Here are a few hints:

  • In the IPO Editor, press the KKey. Then you should see yellow lines which you can select and move
  • In the Action Editor (running man icon), you can select and move keyframes too. Just RMB on any of the diamonds (white = unselected, yellow = selected) to select them, and move using G.
  • If you don’t see any keyframes in the Action Editor, and you’re animating an object: go into the IPO editor, and toggle the “running man” icon in the header (beside the mode selector). Then go back to the Action Editor and edit your keyframes as usual.
  • You could also try opening up the NLA Editor and doing this from there (Note: this ability is very likely to be removed in the next version released)

Hope that helps,

the k key option works perfectly for what i was trying to do.

many thanks

same problem, need to move some keyframes. you were right that the NLA was disabled in the new version and I don’t seem to be able to find the action editor, at very least it is no longer the running man icon. and whenever i try the k key thing in the ipo blender freezes and won’t restart. Any ideas or have updates killed the process

I use the dopesheet-go in, goto the right frame, press ctrl-k (to select all the keyframes), press G and move the keyframes to the frame u want them in


reviving an ancient thread.

how do you do this I’m having issues and I dont know what you guys are talking about or were to find these things