Moving Light Probe in eevee

Hello ! I have a scene I’m working on in EEVEE where the camera follows a rocket ship through space. The flame object on the rocket ship emits light, and I’ve found that I can get that light to illuminate the back of the rocket if I use a volume light probe and bake indirect lighting. HOWEVER, the scene I’m using for this shot is very large, and the rocket is very small. I only want to bake lighting for this one tiny area of the scene, so I parented the light probe to the rocket ship. However, when I bake indirect lighting, it bakes only at the location the probe is at on the frame I’m on. In other words, the light probe can’t understand that I want it to calculate indirect lighting in a different location for every frame.

Is this fixable? If not, the only things I can think of are creating a massive light probe that fills the entire scene, which would destroy my computer, or animating the entire background to move around the spaceship instead of vice versa, which seems super nonsensical.