Moving "Mac" Background

Hi, I’ve been using blender for about a year now to make training videos for elevator inspectors. It’s actually almost the totality of my experience, and I’m trying to find different clients, so me and my partner thought it would be good to make a free video for everyone. It’s just a short piece on how to use Firewire Target Mode on a Macintosh computer.

So what I’m trying to do is create a non-obtrusive moving background image to put the computers over. I’m trying to create something that looks like the default mac desktop image. The best way I’ve thought to sort of do this is by creating lot’s of cloth with the minneart shader and transparency that get randomly moved by a harmonizer field.

Here’s a test render. The test box isn’t receiving light, but I think the plan is to composite the computer over the background any way.

I’m also thinking of blending the whole sequence with a blue gradient to make the colors more subtle.

So yeah, it works, but I feel stupid doing it this way. I don’t know if anyone has any ideas for a better way to do this, or improvements on the way I’m doing it now?


Background looks nicem as for the cube…
Err, well … did you add any lamps?

Cube is just a placeholder. There are lamps but the cloth is on all sides and blocks most of it out. I think I’ll composite the computer onto the final so I can do lighting independantly

Why dont you put some lamps inside?

Ha, the cube’s not what I’m working on. :slight_smile: It’s sort of just there to give the camera rotation some form.

I’m just wondering on alternatives for doing the background. Like, for example, in the mac desktop, the “material” sort of appears to turn white when it folds over itself, is there any way to do something like that? Also, the cloth is all just draping down, where as the desktop folds in all sorts of directions.

Here’s a few more examples of mac desktops. What I’m trying to do is very odd, and possibly quite complicated.


Alright, while I was looking at desktops I found one that is way easier to emulate, and decided to change strategies. The movement of these rings is more what I was imagining motion wise. Don’t suppose there’s any way to combine the two a little? Is it possible to join two rings with a mesh or something? Nurbs?