Moving objects along one path

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently rediscovered the function to duplicate objects along a path, and on the other hand to move an object along a path.
Now I was wondering, if it is possible to combine those setups?
Given a closed loop and for example I want to move a sphere along it followed by its duplicates, almost like a pearl necklace, you hold up and down…
The results I had so far, was that I had static duplicates, plus one moving object, now what I need is a superposition, somehow…


I don’t follow. Can you give a sketch, .blend, or more concrete description? I am thinking your answer is DupliFrames, but I am not sure what you are trying for exactly. There is a good solution, for whatever it is.



don’t worry, this time I come up with a descriptive image, demonstrating what I intend to do:

You have a randomly shaped path that is filled with duplicates of an object, now when I press Alt+A, I wanna have all those duplicates moving along the path, but instead only the original moves along.
It would be almost like an array applied to a path with offset 0, something similar exist with the Curve Modifier, but you have to deal with very strange effects…hopefully I was able to get you a clear picture of my issue…

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The simplest way that I did this was to add a curve, then a sphere. To the sphere I added an array modifier and a curve modifier of course using the curve I just created as the curve, didn’t really do anything with the curve. Went to the sphere and keyframed the position at 0,0,0 and then drug the origin out along the x-axis and keyframed it wherever I ended up.

Look at this for more info.
beadsample.blend (493 KB)

O course if the distortion is the strange effects that you are talking about this won’t be of much help.


you are the hero who saved my life today, thanks so much!

Kind regards