Moving parent without moving children?? - 2.66

I have an empty as the parent to many objects, but now find that I would like to move the empty while keeping the children where they are. I cannot find a way to do that (other than releasing the parent / child relationship and then re-establishing it after moving the parent - a lot of work). Thanks for any clues.

Well this method is pretty painless:

  1. Select empty
  2. shift g -> children (select the children)
  3. ctrl g (create group, you can name the group in object tools on left)
  4. alt p -> clear parent (removes parenting)
  5. Select empty and move it
  6. Select one the objects in the group
  7. shift g ->group (select all objects in that group)
  8. hold shift and select empty
  9. ctrl p -> object (parent the objects in that group to the empty again)

blenderallday, Thanks for the tip. It worked. I also found that shft g, followed by deselect the empty allowed me to move the children relative to the empty, which is also handy.

Nice. Yeah you can always move the children without affecting the parent, but you specifically asked to move the parent. Not exactly sure what you’re up to overall, but sounds like you’ve got a plan.