Moving physical objects?

I have an object entering the scene by dropping onto a table, naturally the object bounces off a tad to the right. What I want to happen, is for it to slowly move to the center of the table after it settles on the table after bounceing.

Is it a rigid body sim?

You could tilt the table a little, together with the cam?
Or if not possible (because of the background etc.), add a Force Field (Wind) and blow the object over to the middle of the table a little…

If it is a rigid body sim, you can mix sim animation with key frame animation. After the object bounces and comes to a rest, look in the physics properties panel with the object selected. At the top of the rigid body panel, there will be a check box labelled ‘animated’. Mouse over the check box and right click, choose -> insert key frame. Advance to next frame, check the check box, and right click to insert a new key frame. Now insert a key frame for the object’s loc/rot. From here on out, the object is under key frame control and not rigid body sim. Insert key frames as needed to control the object to your desires.