Moving problem

Ok, this is a really big problem couse i cant get moving. Im makin a first person game and i cant get the camera to move. So here is what i need

I need to be able to move (as in forward, backward, strafe left/right) with the keyboard

Aim with the mouse

activate things by clicking on them.

How do i do these? Im usin 2.42, i used to be able to get these things to work then but now they dont work. If somone in here couse tell me how to get these things workin that would be awsome, or UPDATED tutorials on how to acomplish these would be nice too =D
Thanks all!

key sensor->and->motion actuator
search for a mouse look script

look into logic bricks (under buttons window, the purple head thing). There are numerous websites that tell you how to move. You need to find a python script for mouse movement. clicking things can also be done in logic bricks. use this code to make the mouse visible:


Search before you ask such simple questions.

i have serched, and i copied a move scripted right into the window and it doesnt work. Thats why i asked for UPDATED stuff. Couse some of these things arnt working.

im sure how currency of your material is not the problem. you sound new to the blender game engine. try the tutorials/demos sticky at the top of the page.

Change out of bullet physics. Go to materials and click the little globe button and where it says Physics, change it to Sumo.

Why would you want that? Bullet is much better than Sumo.

Yeah but it doesn’t work with Torque or LocRotate. I had the same problem when I was making my shooter. Everything just goes wonky.