moving several meshes with one armature?

(Killgore) #1

I’m trying to move several meshes with one armature but I don’t know how to connect more than one object to an armature?

I have created my skeleton and groups and then selected a mesh to be connected to an armature, go to edit mode select all the vertices and assign them to a group. The it is not possible to assign other meshes to the same group.

Is this possible or not? If it is how do you do it?

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(harkyman) #2

I’ve done it. It’s pretty easy. Just treat each mesh like it is the only one you’re going to attach, i.e. assign all of your vertex groups, one mesh at a time. When you’re done, make each mesh a child of the armature, one at a time. Blender will properly deform all correctly-named vertex groups in whatever meshes the armature is parented to.

Alternatively, you can Join your meshes, then work on them all at once.