Moving stuff around

Is there a way to constrain the movement of stuff (bones, objects…) by constraining the motion to 2 local axes, like now is possible by pressing ie G X X or G Y Y?
I mean, while animating a character it gets rotated over and over, an for example i would like to be able to move the feet along their yz plane withouth having to align the views and all that stuff…like it’s possible in 3ds max using handles in vieports or via a shortcut…
In blender it would be something > switch to local then prees G then X then Y…move the mouse in any viewport to move selected objects on selected local plane.

G, Shft-Z will leave it free to move on the X and Y plane but not Z. You can also get that kind of control from the Widget or the Transform Properties.


I was sure there was a shortcut for that :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!