moving the cusor to center?

Is there a way to move the cursor to the center? OR make it possible that when I add a new object it drops it in center instead of where the cursor is? and maybe unmap it from the right mouse button? (I changed it to the rmb because i like it that way)

i’m just learning blender coming from close to 3 years experience from maya.

blender seems to be a good piece of software but its so different from maya and max (the 2 3d softs that I use) that its taken me a bit of off and on learning to get things going. but since I’m out of school now I don’t have access to the labs with maya and would love to do some work in blender.

that and I’m a big fan of FOSS

Shift C centers the cursor (but it’s a little weird, so press C to center view on cursor afterwards [and maybe numoad enter to reset the zoom]). You can define the cursor position by View>View Properties and changing the values in the panel titled 3D cursor.

Cool that helps a lot!!

Now… hate to hijack my own thread but…

is there a way to scale on an axis? like instead of making the whole thing larger could I just make it a litter wider on the x axis?

after any transform key, you can hit X,Y, or Z to constrain to the respective axis.
hitting X/Y/Z a second time will constrain to local axes.

for example, S-X will scale along the global X axis. S-X-X will scale on local X axis.

also, somewhat related to the view stuff and centering.
the “.” key on the numpad will center the view on the currently selected object.

In case you can’t tell I’m playing in blender right now.

so one more simple question for ya.

when I drop an new object in the viewport like a cube, the cube come in ad an angle.

one corner is facing below the grid. almost like a diamond if you look in front view.

is there a way to reset that so it comes in straight along the plane?

I could probably reset the “factory defaults” but I spent an hour or so just moving views and putting the buttons window on the side and changing the ui colors, etc… I could do it quicker next time, but I don’t want to have a next time.

oh and I dig the mr. T smily. :ba:

this one of those other “blender quirks” that you’ll probably get used to.

all new objects are added perpendicular to the current view.
when adding them, you generally want to be in top (7) front (1) or side (3) view.

your awesome! thanks for the tips. and I won’t be hard to remember to switch to the top or other view to add an object. it would probably make it easier to grab and move to where I want it.
and Thanks again for the info

to put the cursor in the center of the blender universe, simply add a cube, put it in object mode (tab), and press ALT-G to clear the location, then simply press shift S and select snap cursor to selection :slight_smile:
both your cube and your cursor are in the dead center now.

Another way:
Hover mouse over 3D window and press N to bring up the magic floating menu, under the location add a 0 to all 3 fields (Loc x,Loc y,Loc z)
you can do the same for the scale and rotation.

other goodies:
To clear rotation- ALT R
to clear the scale- ALT S

good stuff!