moving uv unwrapped parts around

I while back I seen a video that instructed how to better place the different parts of a UVunwrap so they werent crammed together or over lapping for the life of me I can not find the videop that showed how to do it. the project I am working on now unwrapped with the top and bottom half of the arm over lapping one another and I need to shift them so they are seperated enough to skin them.

if anyone knows of a good video or wants to tell me how i do this i would appreciate it !

I am fairly new to using blender so most the time I am lost untill i have done a process a few times

as you unwrap, you can adjust the ‘padding’ value. i am not sure if you can once you’ve unwrapped, but you can select individual islands by ctrl L and scale or move them.

hey thanks i figured it out shortly after i posted this lol but thanks for your time replying