Moving Vertices

I am working on the Captain Blender character and have some vertices located at his thigh that I want to move rather than grab like normally. Does anyone know of a way to do that? I have the vertices in question selected in the photo. Or, could someone please teach me how to clean up the mess that these vertices create?


I think you might have to elaborate differently Walker I don’t really understand what you wish to do

try explaining it a different way :wink:

Grab == Move.

Maybe you want to move vertices down/upward only? Grab (G), constrain to Z axis (Z) and move.

Also, edges are curvy because of the Subsurf modifier.

There’s definitely something going wrong there. Turn Subsurf off and see if all the faces are neatly connected as they should be, or attach a .blend so we can all take a look.

i think you are meaning this


I second Zwebbie’s suggestion. Definately an underlying mesh issue.

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