Moving Windows From HDD to SSD

Hey Blender Heads!
So I’m attempting to move my Windows 8 from an HDD to an SSD. I’m doing this for faster bootup times and to just keep Windows separated from my stored files. I was just wondering if some of you guys could help me figure this out. I have an external Hard Drive to backup the files on the HDD if needed. Basically I would like as much info on moving windows from one drive to another without destroying the saved files on the HDD. If this isn’t possible, how to I move them from the HDD to the External without losing settings and things.
Just some help on this would be awesome. First time trying it.

you can try clonezilla

They are completely different animals. The way that the files are written to them is different. I would use the manufacturers disk tool (they tend to have an Acronis license) and I wouldn’t erase the source until the target was tested for a couple of weeks. I don’t think it will work though.

Usually SSDs ship with migration tools. Check any discs or the manufacturer homepage.
It’s usually a oneclick tool, connect SSD, click button “move only windows” or “move whole partition” and then you wait.

Personally I love Acronis True Image. You can just make an image of your windows partition, and then deploy it on the SSD.
Remove HDD, connect SSD, should boot and run.

You can also move it with Windows 7 onboad tools (I just assume you run W7):

However even if your new SSD runs in AHCI mode via the BIOS it’s not quite sure that it afterwards runs TRIM and NCQ properly. This requires a fresh install or some workarounds if you migrate windows… could be though that they fixed that by now. Just google.

Also there are plenty of tools, paid or freeware to just clone a partition… again, google.