Mow many verts?

Roughtly speaking of course, about how many verts should a faily detailed starship from a TNG era setting have? How many would suggest I’m doing something wrong?

I have a ship I’m doing that’s over half done and I had to make some parts of her subsurf 2 to get them right. I’m currently at about 750,000 vertexes. Is that too many? If you make star trek ships how mahy verts do you end up with?

Every model is different. Some things you can get off with just a few dozen verts, while some models take hundreds of them. Remember to use lower subsurf levels and smooth shading unless you can see the faces along the edges of the model. It’s hard to give a good answer, but 750k does sound like a lot for one ship (Again, I have no clue what level of detail you have). A .blend file would be helpful.