Moxstudios sketchbook

Here are some of my recent sculpts all in blender .


Two more


Really good, 5 stars from me!

Welcome to the club.
Top art, always from you.
Excellent sketchbook.

Cool stuff!

Love the Testicollar-trilobite_bird and meat!

Great sculpts!Top quality renders!:eek:

awesome work

Guys thanks for all the comments :smiley: here is some sculpts I did this week.
the monster feo one I started in Blender and export it to 3d coat.


Playing with Blender SSS
Here is the node setup I use for this shader.
I also use the dirty vertex color to play with the sss and the speculars.


:)well done!very impressive.
thanks for sharing your nodes!

More creatures, both in Blender


very creepy! I adore your style!:yes:

Thanks Filou! :slight_smile: Here is another Update


Wow, that looks very very good. Can’t wait to see more.


Something I did today, hope you guy liked


Thanks Michalis :slight_smile:

Nice artworks. :).

inspiring work! loving it

Amazing work indeed. It felt so amazing to look through your art. Thanks :slight_smile: