MoXX is playing

Just huving fun.

how did you make the pipes?

I made the shape with a screw modifier, then a subsurf to add geomtry, and finaly a curve modifier for the tubes to follow.

thanks for the answer… it sounds simple, but I asked because I never tried to do a thing like that… :slight_smile:

A plane I make just to practise my modeling skills.
I’ll add some more details before i give it some materials

Quick test of volumetrics.

Just trying to model (for me) difficult objects.


Good stuff man. Keep it up!



I like the hotel elevator.

Thanks, @Scotchtapeworm

When I find myself doing this its time to go home! Half hour doodle.

Modelled after one of my wifes bottles.

Made a better render!

Have tried to texture it, but I failed miserably.

Nice models. I need a tutorial for making screw bottles myself.

@Skyfish: Check out the screw modefier!

Been working to much
Here is a quicky I did to improve my understanding of topology (and some texturing)

Relying heavily on modifiers. Inspired by Andy of course