MOYO Blender Theme

Ciao ragazzi. Sono nuovo nel forum e per presentarmi volevo farvi un regalo per Natale! Ho personalizzato l’interfaccia standard di Blender (ovviamente ho sistemato solo i colori) in maniera tale da renderla perfetta per le mie esigenze. Si chiama MOYO per il semplice fatto che si ispira a MODO. Volevo condividerla con voi e se volete siete liberi di scaricarla. Il link è a fine pagina. Ciao!


[SUB]MOYO Blender Theme by GLG[/SUB]

Ops…I am a italian members and the forum is in English. Sorry for the inconvenience. I don’t have problem to speak english also my English is not very well. I’m new in the forum and I wanted to introduce myself with a christmas gift for you! I customized the standard Blender interface (I changed only the colors) so as to make it perfect for my needs. It’s called MOYO because that it MODO ispired. I wanted to share it with you and if you want can download it. The link is at the bottom.

That looks really nice.

Looks great, thanx for sharing

Looks very nice and smooth, like it. My default from now…

Thanks guys!

Thanks, looks good.

Thanks, just a question… when you go to edit mode with this theme the object turn to nice white, but when go to object mode the object back to gray, how to keep it the same color the nice white please tell me ? :slight_smile:

First, if your using Italian in the original post is the worst inconvienience I have today, then I had a very good day.

Second, downloaded and installed. Great color scheme!

Please someone answer my question. :slight_smile:

You can not do. I think you can change the color only for edit-mode and not for object-mode. The only command that allows you to change the color in the theme maneger is “face” in the “3dview” tab. I made an update by removing the white from the solid in edit-mode end leave the original gray.

Okay, thanks for replaying. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Looks really nice :slight_smile: it is now my default theme and most likely will be for a long time.

Very good! I too will use this. It works because it’s easy on the eyes and allows you to recognize important settings at a glance.

take care

Thanks guys!

Hey there glg-3d-designer, nice theme! Unfortunately it seems that the link is broken and i can’t download it :confused:

Have you got any 2.7 update and re-upload plans?


I was wondering the same. Looks like a cool theme, but I can’t try it out.

Link is down

How about a screenshot?