MP3 player

Hey everyone, attempting to model an MP3 player, here is the progress so far.
I would like feedback, because i’m wondering if this is the best way to be doing it.
Also i was wondering how i would model the words on the back?
Thanks guys!

I think usually the picture is behind the model, not beside, so you can trace the edges better. The problem with your setup, I think, is that the background is tilted. You would have made your life easier if you had straightened the picture first (I don’t know if it’s worth fixing it now). The text you can probably do with a UV map. There might be another way that I’m too n00b to know about.

Well i did have it behind, but i just moved it so you could see.

I can’t see the photo. What brand is it?

it’s a coby, Very cheap!

it’s a Coby MP-C756.

i just did an iPod and came had to do the wording on top of a material and its fairly simple.

What you need to do is make a skin that applies to a UV map you make of the model in blender. You can do this with the gimp but what you will need to do is make the background black and the words white (thats the color they are on the player) then simply use the gimps build in color to alpha tool and use black as the color, which leaves the white lettering in front then save it as a .tga.

Then you can create the reflective material in blender, and give it an image texture using the skin you used. Simply activate the use alpha button in the textures panel and in the materials panel make sure UV is selected and whatever the standard is is unselected. Now the reflectiveness should be everywhere except the letters which will appear white.