MP7 weapon model (texturing) WIP
I’m making this for the source engine (hopefully) The modelling is done, and so is the UV map, now I need to texture and compile it, I will upadte on the texturing ASAP.

not bad at all :3
would love to see the texture.

ALOT of optimization can be done to this model. That or you could use the unused edge loops to give your model more depth and curvature. Because right now there are alot of edges that arent making the profile or anything rounded or making anything smoother.

I am at work right now so I can do a paint over of what to remove and what is useless…but when I get home I will do a paint over.

Oh yeah could you render the model with a checker texture applied so we can see if theres any distortion?
there is the checkerboard image.

Looks nice. My only crit is the grip and the trigge guard look too thin.