MQO Import

Hello all!

I recently installed version 2.5 on my new machine. On my previous machine I had a plugin installed that allowed me to import MQO files, I believe it was GANGu or something similar. That was using the previous version of Blender though. I’m looking through the instructions I had for the previous install, but I can’t seem to remember how exactly I did it. I know I had to do something different than what was stated, also the instructions (and plugin) were of Japanese origin.

Does anyone know how to install the GANGu plugin for MQO import on Blender 2.5? This is the original thread where I found the plugin:
It came with and GANGu.DLL files. Where exactly do I put these files and how do I get the plugin to work again?


That dll file will most likely only work with the exact blender/python version it was written for.
I don’t know of any mqo importers compatible with blender 2.5.
If you (or someone else) is good enough with python I’d probably recommend starting with this link and translate it to the new very different blender 2.5 API.