Mr.Block game

so bassically i textured this cube in blender and made it move and dont know what to do with it if anyone has any ideas to add into this please tell me also if someone has tutorials for me that could be handy please give me a link to them thanks :slight_smile:

heres a video of it (turn video notifications on)

and a download link(i cant guarantee that it works)

@@supperrichthief@ what you actually do with your game is that you can start and make puzzle like game in which you will have to walk different paths to find the exit.
For the tutorials there are lots of simple tutorials out there especially in youtube you only need to type ‘How to make a simple blender game’ and also ‘how to make a simple shooting game’.

cool i guess im gonna make a maze then

nope screw the maze im making a parkour section

hey if anyone knows how to make a ladder i can just not find a good tutorial thanks (if anyone is still reading this thread ;_:wink: