Mr. F White Bedroom

Hi guys.
This is my first post here after 2 years me using Blender for viz projects.

done with cycles 512 samples + denoising and filmic medium high contrast. for the lighting i use hdri images, portal, and plane emission outside the windows.

Just hope that i’ll get some feedback to improve my renders.


floors seems too glossy, and the gloss is very even, did you use roughness map correctly? Too me it looks like you didn`t set the non-color data. The patches on walls are texture or from denoising? You could use a little bit of ambient occlusion like 0.2 it always helps with the noise. Maybe some translucent on curtains?

other things like camera and compositions are fine for me. Are those models yours?

Hi zcaalock Thanks for ur input. on that scene i only made the room, tv stand, and some small objects like pillows and lamps. the rests are free stuff from the net. I never use a.o coz for me it reduces the realism, the patch on the wall is texture, but maybe it appears bit too much yeah? the glossy floor is actually like that, it’s a marble floor f.y.i, not wooden floor. for the curtain i guess u’re abseloutely right. some translucent will light up the whole scene for sure.