Mr. Freeze Watercolor Experiments in Eevee

I’ve been thinking about creating something with a watercolor shader in Blender for a long time. This is the result after a few days of experimenting in Blenders Node Editor and Substancepainter. I am pretty happy with the result. The original artwork for this work comes from the incredibly talented illustrator Ben Harvey.

It is incredibly fun to work with watercolor textures and shaders. It gives you artistic freedom to work loosely. I’ll try to finish the project in the next few days. Since my last piece was so well-received, I’ll upload a browser friendly version to Sketchfab when it’s ready.


Wow the blending of the shades is beautiful, would you mind sharing the node setup or a idea on how to get started?


Amazing, mate… And Mr. Freeze is a really good choice to show off this technique :heart:

All I got to say is…

WOW! :100: :+1:

this make, amazing comic Godot - game . .

Uhhm, can you make this, as well <3
Cyclops 01

or . .

that comic style, was my top, ever <3

I posted the finished piece here:

Feel free to check it out :slight_smile:

Hi NinjaToaster,
Congratulations, the transparency effect and everything is super impressive.
If you do not want to share the material/nodetree, could you explain the main principle?
Is there any hand painted texture?

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Great, want to see more like this :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is the method NinjaToaster went for, but in case anyone is interested Diego Gangl has a tutorial for how to get a similar effect on his blog. Written version with node settings

Hi Melodicpinpon,
I’m glad you like it :slight_smile: I wrote an article on 80lv a while back. I explain my technique there in a little more detail. I hope this helps.

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