Mr. Jawn

Here’s a personal project I have been working on. I Feel like I have ways to go to get the exact looks I am going for. But Mr. Jawn has been a lot of fun and education of it’s own. Thank you for your interest.


its kind of a bad angle… i thought his lip was his chin. the drawing tipped me off… if i were you id put him in a pose that allowed us to see his features better. other then that it looks great!

lol, he has no defining feature but the chin so I guess you were not that far off. Minimalist modeling as you can see, the only real thing to play with here was the composting and the silhouette of the pose. Thanks for the input tho.

I really love the concept, pretty well done. The camera angle could have been a great idea but I agree with BitterBrushAnim, this angle don’t allowed us to see the proportions in the right way. But great job anyway :slight_smile: (apologies for my bad english)

Thanks Flow