A character I’ve recently finished, everything was done in Blender except for the eyes texture, it was brought off a website.
This’ll soon be used in an animation, STAY UPDATED!!!
Contact me to see the rest of the characters involved in this animation if you’re interested in knowing more about this. :–)
Thoughts/critiques, please? :–)


Close shot of the face. :–)


Back view…


The cheerfulness of this character is beyond cute! Well done!

I’m debating if he needs whiskers or is just as happy to do without them :slight_smile:

I look forward to the animation!

Maybe we’ll get to find out why there is such a joyful expression there :smiley:

Oooo, thanks, man, this’s the best comment I’ve gotten so far. :–D
Yup, you’re right, whiskers might even get him happier, I’ll actually work on adding these,
I’m soon gonna be done with rigging the three characters, then I can finally animate these! :–)