Ms. Morghan

This is a Cartoon character I made as a gift. I used Sculptris, Zbrush, Blender and Photoshop for the model, but most of the work was done inside Blender.

***About the Design Process:

This character does exist (and by the way, is my GF :D) so when I was creating her I had to keep the cartoon with her facial features, but in a very simple way. And as she is a corsetière (someone who makes corsets) and she always uses needles and point stuff, I decided to make more hard edges in the character (to give that sharp and cutting look -just like her tools-) and use, when possible, pointy ends (like the fingers) to resemble the needles. Mixing those with the pin up style that she likes, and other elements of her day-by-day life, I came with this design.

Render & Post Processing:

The render was Cycles and as it was intended to be a print, the real render size was huge. With lots of samples, such a time rendering :spin:
No big deals about the lighting too. For the post, I used Photoshop, but before I’ve started there, I used Illustrator to make the composition grid for her, and make sure that it would have an harmonic “breath” margin. Used Photoshop mostly to clean the small amount of noise there and to make the color correction.

Well Guys, that’s it!
Any critique is well come, any doubt as well!
Feel free to contact me.
If you want to you can check my online portfolio here or send an e-mail here:[email protected] Cheers!

I little update to closepup: