MS Paint Sketch 03

Don’t have time to do 3d anymore, but sometimes I would take a break from homework and do a little sketch… Enjoy :slight_smile:

One more for the day…

Those looks really fine! You have your own, special style! I had once tried that but doesn´t work for me… Those looks finished althought they aren´t.

Thanks, As far as finished or not finished, I won’t be coming back to them, so I guess the sketches are “finished.” :slight_smile:

and… ahhh… yeah…

One more sketch for the day:

Was reviewing for a test, and found this in my notes I took on friday in chemistry. :smiley:

lol, that last one is the best! :smiley:

Hey Calvin.
Nice sketches, I like the chemestry notes!
Btw, why don’t you have time for 3d? Sounds sad… :\