Ms True Type fonts in Linux.......

(Timonides) #1

Do you know that it is possible to install Ms True Type fonts on Linux???:wink:

O.K. follow this link:

Allthough Ms doesn’t allow to download fonts anymore, that page has usefull instructions on how this is possible…

Oh!!! And there’s another way also (although pretty lame, I admit it…)

I have installed Ms TTF’s on my linux box, this way:

I’ve copied all the Ms ttf files I had on my WinXP installation to a separate common partition I have in my hard disk. Then I booted back to Linux and pasted them into a directory.

After that I used a really nice application that KDE has, called “font installer”!!! It’s really easy and it works!!!

It’s really cool writing documents in StarOffice5.2, using Microsoft’s True Type fonts!!! :smiley:

I hope this helps…