Hi there!
Almost everyone has it, MSN!

Why don’t we share our adresses? :smiley:
Add me if you want:

[email protected]

Bye! :slight_smile:

Ha, putting your adress on a forum is a good way to get a lot of spam. Bots will come along and pick it up, and then your in for it.

I see years of male enhancement ads in your future…

omg, i get like 50 of those a day!

Me too, but my filter asks after a message with the same title to check it as spam
But thanks for warning :wink:
I’ll see :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you’re talking about.
I answer all of my spam.
Now I’m a millionaire with seven law degrees and a 3 meter penis.


What’s your e-mail address? I’ve got some money in a Nigerian bank I’ve been trying to get out of the country for ages.

also… [email protected]

I’m going for a spam record, so I don’t care if you use that. I’ve got 2.4 gigs of spam on there and growing on a daily basis. It’s my dummy account - I just use it as a way to register to forums and other sites. But it’s also my MSM account name, so add me if you like. We can talk about cheese and Counter Strike.

Man, this thread is useless, who needs MSN when you got the all new and advanced…dum…dum.dummmm

GMAIL! jking

@Freen: You are very immature. What kind of idiot are you?

He has a sense of humor? He was joking. (I hope). I don’t share my msn, except with people I actually know.

So my brain looks young for its age? What a nice compliment! Thank you!
What kind of idiot am I? I’m a Lesser Speckled Australian Idiot (chilloutus Itwasajokum).

Relax buddy. It was a joke.
And don’t get personal. Flame wars are bad for your health. :ba:

hehe, i thought it was funny, and very true

@freen - Crikey dingo you make the world a more merrier place.

:’( Don’t make me hungry liek that :rolleyes:

Why don’t we share our adresses? :smiley:

Yes. Um. Why don’t we.

I live at @#@! Dale Oak Drive Los Angeles, CA:yes:. Y tu?