MT Question?

I’ve been working on a castle just to see what kind of headache it would be. I then discovered a problem trying to get the woodgrain procedural textures to come out in the wall defensive platforms. One attachment shows the problem in the diagonal-running stair rails. I couldn’t manipulate the xyz map settings to make it work, as I could for the vertically running support beams, so I tilted the view and added an empty that “north-poled” properly, and added a “new material” that I assigned the problem faces to, and then object mapped them to the empty. Voila! Another attachment shows the improvement. The wood grain seems to run correctly now.

I know it’s hideous. That’s not the point. What I’m interested in is whether there’s an easier way to align faces than assigning them empties. (It becomes a problem when duplicating). I know, I know…uv mapping. This is just a mental exercise, and to find out the easiest way to do things.

By the way, if anyone knows something about castles, feel free to comment. I came up with a lot of questions as I did this.