MTL Conf '05 - Page 13--> All the videos are online!!!!!

Update October 16th
Conference is over! If you weren’t there you can still go check the photos here
Montréal Conference Photo Album
More photo soon!

Update October 11th
North American Art Festival
We now have some prizes secured, provided by the awesome and generous Blender Foundation!! (thanks alot Ton!!)

So be sure to bring all your atwork (images, videos and .blends!) on cd-rom for the conference so you can showcase them and talk about them and hopefully win a prize if people votes for you! And don’t be afraid of showing your stuff, because everyone can learn from everybody’s work whatever the level of experience is!

Our webmaster is also trying to put an upload system on the website so you guys could upload your things instead of having some cds. But nothing is sure, we’ll see later this week.

I seriously can’t wait for this weekend, and I hope everybody else is in the same mood!

Be sure to check the website!

UPDATE September 23
Everyone who ordered a t-shirt, check your email, and reply to it!

The website---->
if there is any problem, reply here, or send an email to blender [at]
See ya soon!

Hi there,

well better early than late! so we’ll start right now thinking about it.

This year again I plan on organising the North American Blender conference in Montréal city (Quebec/Canada). Some of you went to the past one so you know how well they were all organised (at some extents lol), but this year I plan to have a really well scheduled conference. I’m thinking at having it over 2 days also, but I need to wait to see if we can have the local during 2 days.

The local
We’ll have a big computer lab at the bois-de-boulogne school.

The presentations
Of course we’ll need some people to talk infront of everyone so we can help the people who are starting with blender. Afterall, it’s the goal of the conference! For now, mr_Bomb and BgDM proposed themselves to make a tutorial about character modelling/unwrapping/texturing and I can’t wait to see what they’ll be cooking up! If you want to make such a presentation on any of the following subject (or others) be sure to contact me so I can plan a good schedule!
-modelling (vehicle/architecture/etc)
-animating (rvk/armature/keyframing/etc)
-game engine

-python scripting
-lighting (AO/radiosity/different type of lamps/yafray GI/etc)

Of course our conference will be held at the same time as the one in Amsterdam. As for now, it will be held on the Saturday 15th of October and hopefully also on Sunday 16th.

T-Shirt registration over

Art Festival
BRING YOUR ARTWORK! more info in a newsletter soon!

After the art festival, and all those presentation, I believe the whole group would be ready for a small modelling challenge. We’d give a subject and people would go into some speed modelling frenzy to make up an image in maybe 30-to-1hour and the winner would win a small prize. I also thought about splitting the whole group into smaller group of 3-4persons so we could make a tag team challenge maybe?

If you have any more idea, be sure to give them to me! I really want this conference to be more friendly and open to everyone. I want everyone to speak to everyone else and meet the other blenderheads!

So more update to come on this in the next days/weeks! and for now, I better go and practice my spoken english!

List of tutorial
Head Modelling/texturing - Mr_bomb/BgDM
Character Anim (new anim system) - Gabio
City modelling using script - Ecks
Lighting principles (3points lighting) - Ecks
**Yafray - You??? <--------------
Procedural Texturing - Ecks
Interface - Video tutorial (depending on experience level of the attendants)
Sequencer - Ecks? (anyone know it better than me please, I don’t use it often)
SoftBodies - Mr. Bomb
New transform system example (gizmo, axis constraint, simple stuff) - **You??? <-------------
**Converting a model .3ds—>.blend - You??? <-----------
**Game Engine - You??? <------------
RampShader/material menu - Ecks (or anyone else?)
**DupliVert/DupliFrame/etc… - You??? <-----------
Raytracing (AO, Reflection, Refraction, rayshadow) - Ecks (or anyone else?)
**Using the OOPS schematic to organize a scene? - You??? <----------
**Radiosity - You???
**Lattice/modifers - You??? <------------
particles(collision etc…) - Ecks
blueprint modelling - Bussman

If blender 2.4 come up for the conf, we’ll probably have moer things to talk about, so if you have suggestion, feel free to tell me!

Where can you sleep?
As I said, I cannot take in charge to find a place to sleep for all the attendant, but I’ll try to find a few cheap hotel/motel to help you guys. More to come about this soon!

Sounds good to me Ecks. Looks like you have this planned out pretty well. I just hope I can get my stuff done for it in time. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, I would be interested in a t-shirt.


Hey Ecks,

That sound pretty cool.My buddy danifou and i were there last year and we are going this year again. We are from ottawa. I had a brief chat with you last year.

I am fully bilingual. So if you need somebody to do the english translation i would be happy to do it. I will try to come up with something to do a presentation. Maybe lighting or soft body.

If i can help with anything else let me know!


well thanks for the 2 replies :slight_smile:

here’s a quick test of a design…what do you think?

also please, could a moderator make this sticky? since I’d need to know how many people are interested this year and I’d like the most people possible seeing this thread. Thank you in advance

/me likes!

I would go, but I probably can’t find an excuse to be out of school… :frowning:

Anyway, best of luck to you!


You can already count me in, X. And the t-shirt also. The logo is mmm, not that great imho, freedom of blender is a past topic, about 3 years ago. you need a topic more acurate, more in time.
If no one is doing it… I will probably do Tut on character rigging and animation, as I maintained the animation workshop for some time(and will as soon as new stuff is added), and because I stay in touch with dev all summer to know the new animation system inside out. After such rewrite, everyone will need a refresh I think.
Other rewrite and new feature should be discussed imho, such as softbody, particle, new shader… I can’t do all, but If needed i can chat about it. Better than nothing :wink:
A guided tour of new feature in cvs would be appreciated, 'cause this summer, it’s going to move big chunks. More free time, Orange project, google summer of code; are reason for a fully packed next version.
And I wont do python scripting this year. Too hard to explain how to code in 1 hours :x , BUT, a really interesting topic in python will be bundled script. Did you look what is bundled now? Some cool tools such as edge sliding and edge beveling, which I now always use. There is a lot of functionnality to get if you look in all the “script” menu. A tour would be cool.
Is a tutorial on interface is still needed this year? I’m sure there will be newcomer again, but it’s not everyone who need this, maybe split the conf in small island of interest? or in 2 group?
Also the concept of “amsterdam live” was cool, for the art festival, will we vote again this year?
Also: I will bring my computer for sure, which I trust :wink: If you can get 2 projector like last year, it would be ok.
I will bring my camera again.
In a way, I can help you coordinate the event this year.

last question: Ques qu’on bouffe? ou on dort? qui fait quoi? blablabla

Hi, and tx for the replies.

You are right about the logo…will try to find something else today.

Good about the rigging and animation tutorial. I’ll add a list in my first post of current tutorial that will be presented.

Yea I’ve been thinking about splitting the whole group into 2 smaller one…but it all depends, if 90% of the attendant are new users…I don’t really see the point of splitting the group.

I’ll need to contact Ton about the “amsterdam live” and the voting. If we have the same local as last year, yes we’ll probably have 2 projectors…so you can bring (aswell as others) your computer/laptop…which you trust (pff stop reminding me this! lol).

About your last question,
The diner will probably be pizza because it’s the simpliest method. 5$ per person for half of a pizza (I believe they were large pizzas) and a pepsi/coke/sprite etc… For supper, there is always the option to go in a restaurant like last year and the year before, and for the night, now that I’m an adult :stuck_out_tongue: if some are interested we could go take a beer or two in a bar. why not? :smiley:

About the place you can sleep if the conference is over 2 days. I can unfortunatly not take in charge to find hotels or place to sleep for all the attendant. Althought, I’ll tried to find a few cheap hotel/motel to facilitate everyone’s life :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Ecks, i’m the guy you want to talk with regarding locals around Bois-de-Boulogne. I’m willing to give a hand again this year but it should be much more organize then it was last year.

Unfortunatly, i don’t remember you… maybe you could help me out there.

We must catch up on chat i have opportunities(very great ones) for this year.

Hope to hear from you soon.



actually I am X-Warrior (changed my name a few days ago), the guy with the long hair who’s comp kept having problems… %|

If you have msn it could be easier to organise thing together, my email is xwarrior[at]hotmail[dot]com

That’s y i didn’t remembered u. Better now that i know you’re Xwarrior.



P.S. i added you on msn, should get in touch soon.

Yellow Ecks,

You can count me in for those two days. I won’t be needing food or sleep accomodations, I live very close to Bois-de-Boulogne college (St-Laurent Burrough). But I’ll take you up on the beer thing (now that you are of legal age hahaha).

Don’t know what I could help you with. I’m not enough of a Blender Super-Expert to give tutorials or a conference. I’m a Senior Graphic Designer with experience in the Promotional Item field so if I can help you with the T-shirts I’d be glad to.


me and 3 others people who asked to help me are meeting on friday night to start making a schedule and planning the activities.

I know some other people might wanted to help, but for this meeting I prefer the number of us to be smaller so it’s easier to get something out of it :wink:

That said, I’ll probably have new info to post on saturday morning.


Sounds good man. I’ll start getting my stuff ready soon as I get home from vacation on Sunday. The T-Shirt is also very appealing to me. I can always use more Blender ware :smiley:

What would be cool is if we could have our T-shirts customized with our elysiun SN and avatar. That we will recognize people. This would be fun, but I don’t know if I can make it. I will try.

Or you could just do like everyone else and write your name(s) on a sticker and place it somewhere noticeable on your person.

Lol, yea, I guess that works too.

That wouldn’t be a bad idea. I know a place that wrote names on the back of t-shirt…yet it cost 1$ (CAN) per letter

I guess I could add this as a complement if people want to.

I got a design for the t-shirt, need to make a draft of it but it goes like this

Blendo Standing one hand on his head the other pointing to the right (well on his left). We can read “FREE YOUR MIND” next to his finger, and under that:


We are looking for people to make presentation…you do not need to be a blender god or watever PRO of blender to make one…you just need to know what you are talking about. The more presentation we can have, the best it is!

we’ll need people to present stuff like
-soft body
-particles (I might take care of that) with deflector/vortex etc…
-the different menu of blender (I’ll mostly take care of the material/texturing/lighting) menus
-I WOULD really like to have someone make a presentation about modelling a car with blueprint and stuff. Bussman, I know you made a car, would you be up at explaining the how to model such a car??
-Anything else you’ll think of.

I’ll be updating the first post soon with newer ideas and what our situation is. If you have any, post them. We’ll soon have a webpage with a form to fill for anyone that is coming to the conference so we can plan our stuff better depending on the level of experience of every attendant. I,ll also be emailing everyone who came last year. In the next days everything should become more organised.

So the one big message of this post. We need more people to make presentation…whatever the subject is. HELP US to help everyone! :smiley:

Well that car was a fantasy car. Not modelled from references other than pilfered model parts on the net which I remodelled as subsurf and modified to fit and integrate in the design. It is not a representation of a real car model that existed. Most of the projects I do for work are done in mere days (from concept to finished render), so I have to improvise and cheat like hell, otherwise I’d never get to use Blender for those illustrations.

I have a 16th-17th century galleon I’ve started modeling from blueprints I got from a model shop. I don’t know what you think of that. I must stress that by nature I am a poor teacher and my explanations might not go far beyond the basic setting up of the blueprints (lining up real world units to Blender units) and setting up several views and navigating between them along with basic modelling. I certainly cannot see myself giving a presentation on how to bring a project from blueprint to finished model.

Let me know your thoughts.

that could be interesting. The important is to show that blender can be use to get an almost perfect precision while modelling specific thing. So showing that you used blueprint to model a ship is very nice.

As far as explanation goes, explainning how to set up your blueprint and then some basic modelling of some important part of the ship like the main body is all what is needed. Anyway, I don’t think there will be alot of pro-user, so we’ll need to stick to some more basic thing and show that it can be done.


I’m not much further than the hull at the moment (and thinking of starting over) with some placeholder for masts and stuff. If you think an overview like what I’ve outlined in my above post will be sufficient then it would be selfish on my part to turn you down. I’ll PM you my phone numbers/email if you wish to contact me for further details.