Mudbox 2009!

I just tried it. I don’t think I like it much. The interface is very simple. But the viewport is slower compared to Zbrush, at least on my PC. And I thought it was going to be so much faster. It really isn’t. I like Zbrush more.

I like blender MOST though. Blender’s brushes are every bit as good as Zbrushes .Unfortunately blender crashes once I get to 2 mil triangles so I simply can’t really use it. Though I wish I could. I was holding out on buying a sculpting program until I could try out Mudbox, looks like it’s Zbrush for me. But if blender’s sculpting improves some I’ll come running back to you with flowers and chocolates my sweet dear!

Oh who the hell am i kidding I’ll wait on you!!

I can use Blender sculpt for many good things… Why you cant? You make models only with more than 2mils of tris?

I think if we have overlay blending function in texture paint mode, we can paint normalmaps! This will be good for high detailed sculpt-like models. (Normal maps can be mixed with overlay mode.)
I think Mudbox uses texture painting on the very detailed subdiv modes.
maybe one ><o(((°>