Mudpuddle going down at the end of the month.


however if there are a few problems over the next week or two then please bear with me, i will be changing hosts.

however i think i can do it fairly seemlessly.


Now that it is down how long do you think it will be until it is back up. I hope it is not long but I will stick it out if it is mudpuddle is the only image hosting site for me :wink: .


I still lurk in the shadows here at Elyisun, I may have moved out but I never forget my home :slight_smile: Something great will become of Blender!

I’ll point a finger at my site again as a place for posting up images. I don’t provide any nice direct linking (you have to link to the forum image or your gallery entry) but I because of that I do have essentially unlimited bandwidth, so come on over and use some of it :slight_smile:

I notice Mudpuddle already went down, along with my most competitive WC entry yet :frowning:

I offered hosting for the contestants of mudpuddle, but I think that at this time I will probably be going to bed soon, so I won’t be checking my email.
It would probably be good to use image shack, as RobDollar suggested or some such service now.
Good luck.

I use for quick hosting. no need to sign up, just a click or two on the first page and you image is up, with no ads or anything (just make sure you link straight to your picture)

Very useful for emergencies. mudpuddle sites are down now.

well the site will be up again on the 25th, depending on badwidth use it will last for 3-5 days (hopefully enough to last most of the month with only a few hours down.

i am shelling out $10 to pay for the Gb extra traffic i need.

meanwhile i am going to my government about my webhost, and looking for a new webhost to host the mudpuddle site.

current package i found is $10 USD per month, 15Gb traffic, 999Mb space.

anyone can top this then please tell me. i will hopefully be transfering my site over the next month. over the next 2 weeks if all goes to plan. and the government helps me)

as i said earlier. this is my PARTNER SITE.

it was created directly to releve pressure on my bandwidth, and donated by another blender user.

for perminent hosting it is a nice place to go. but as with the unfortunate emergencys which occur, places like imageshack, and stephen2002s site are very usefull.

sorry for any problems this causes (kansas15 i totally warned you it was going down LOL), i didn’t want to pay the $10 as it is very expensive for 1Gb of traffic, however i did anyway (so i expect giant sized christmas presents this year LOL)


I didn’t think it would be this far from the end of the month, and I knew the warning perfectly because for this I wasn’t planning on entering the next WC at the end of the month.

Well mudpuddle is back up again.

after getting crappy with the host LOL.

new host next month, so i will be offering 50Gb of bandwidth per month. so people can upload and download a lot more from the site.

thanks for putting up with this people. tere might be more disruptions in a few weeks as i transfer many sites.


I can host images for anyone as long as you email them to me. PM me for my email.