Mudpuddle sites down for about 24 hours.

(Alltaken) #1

just a warning.

bandwidth is used up. i don’t wanna get hit with more overuse fees so i had to turn it off.

will turn it on again tommorow.

sorry for the inconvienience. i will work out who/what has been hogging the bandwidth and try sort it out so next month isn’t the same.


(Alltaken) #2

ok back up.

thanks for waiting people.


(lukus) #3

what was it then?

(Alltaken) #4

google being a bandwidth b|tch.

google loves to drop people into unecisarily high usage Slideshows as an entry page when they are entering off a single image. needless to say i have blocked slideshows now.

all were reffered by google, google has in the past hogged bandwidth with its bots, very annoying since its not them paying the bills.


(theeth) #5

“Any webmaster who’s watched his logs spike from ten megs to one hundred can tell you that, much like ants: Once Google finds something on your site it likes, you’ll come back to find it’s all over everything.”



(Alltaken) #6

its true i tell you.