Mulitple commands in one > cursor to selected > origin to 3d cursor

Hi all,

Is there a way to map the following to a shortcut or button. With an objects vertex selected run the following …cursor to selected > exit edit mode > origin to 3d cursor.

Currently using an addon found on the hard ops docs using snapping pies. Would love this to be in one click rather than two. Link to addon here:

This would save a fair bit of time me thinks.

Any ideas around this would be much appreciated.

There is built in addon “3d viewport pie menus” that has origin pie with that functionality:

I also changed hotkey from Ctrl Alt X to Shift Alt S so that origin pie is closer to snap pie (Shift S).

Other menus in addon are more of taste thing, enable them one by one to see if you like them.

You legend! Thank you for that!!!