Multi-channel PBR painting without Substance Painter on Linux

Yet another Substance Painter alternative thread.

I want to do multi-channel PBR material painting. (I believe that is what it is called; diffuse, roughness, normal, etc. all at the same time.)

What addons or separate programs are there that support multi-channel painting? Finding a list of painting options is easy, knowing which ones support multi-channel is not easy.

I found some options that may or may not work:

  • Quixel Mixer: Windows only, I’m on Linux (Linux version promised, but not yet delivered)
  • ArmorPaint: says it handles PBR painting, can anyone confirm?
  • Layer Painter addon (formerly BATS): dead
  • BPainter addon: doesn’t support multi-channel, I think
  • PBR Painter addon: it would appear the title answers the question, but can anyone confirm?

Any others I’m missing?