Multi-Player Chess 4-24 players

Here is one of my four player boards.
It’s a diagonally designed board for the
Queen and bishops to have control over.:evilgrin:
I have played many games on a board just
like this one, that I made myself to test
the workings of the game.:wink:

I am now in search :eyebrowlift:
of supporters to help get the game(s) launched
into the market. A web designed game is in
need of being compiled and the open market
designs need backing. The concept could
be easily sold out to a major gaming corp.:yes:
for mass market development. Looking for :eek:“supporters”:eek:
who would like to explorer deeper. Contact:
:rolleyes:[email protected]:cool:

Just another screenshot

Also to add, the game has three different types of game play.
There are rules of engagement, which were incorporated,
due to some game playing flaws. And boards are set at even
numbers from 4 and up, due to reasons, some gaming
numbers were omitted from the production process.
Please do contact me, if you are truely interested
in becoming a supporter for the production of the
game through the open market. More detailed information
available to those who prove to be interested. The game
is a set of games for multi-player competition and has
proven to be a great way to enjoy company of the
sophisticated kind. I check my e-mails usually once a day.
Feel free to send me a message.

Note that the 24 player board will be used in internet game play.
Other boards are drafted and several have been fully tested. To
find out more make inquiries through the given above e-mail address.
Thank You!


Sounds like a good idea although I amn’t a fan of chess! One thing though, can it be 1 player vs the computer?

The over all major group of players worldwide may be college and high school students, although the game would quickly grow into areas where older players would sign up for a game, to be soon, addicted to play another. Once you play one game, all you are waiting for is the next one, so you can do better or make another win over your opponents. But as I have stated before, the main objective is to bring into existence another popular family/friends social event game

I believe the game offers a new and exciting look into the world of chess and brings together a larger group to enjoy the company of others, while the game plays. And most of all, you don’t have to be a chess master to be able to play, even though your partner may end up wanting another partner, for the moves you make, before the game is over.

I am by no chance a chess master, but have enjoyed playing both two player and multi-player. The ones who have played multi have enjoyed it also and they were not chess masters either. The game gives a different gameplay than regular computated chess. It allows the players to become a united strategy playing force. I have played partners many times over 2vs2 on one of the 4 man boards I designed and it has always been quite interesting every game.