multi user mesh

Hi, i’m trying to apply Ctrl+A to a mesh and displays error:
Error: Cant apply to a multi user mesh

Found how to make it Single User (U 4)

You mean joining 2 meshes to each other? That’s ctrl+j, then you have 1 mesh. Or do you mean something else? :-?

This is the problem:
I have an object in layer 2 which i want to make appear en layer 1 when something happens. Sometimes when i make it appear it looks too small or too big, so i rezise it using Ctrl A.
Ctrl A displayed the message Error:
Error: Cant apply to a multi user mesh
Now i found how to make the mesh single user, with U 4

I apply Ctrl A to resize it but still the object looks too small, this Ctrl A sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, i don’t know depending on what

If you’re talking about this happening in game engine mode, check the size of the object that’s adding the object in layer 2. Most likely, you scaled the object in layer 1 to a smaller size. Select it and press alt-s to clear the scaling sizze and have it change back to default value of 1. If you want that object in layer 1 to be of a smaller size, it’s better to scale it in edit mode. This way the object that’s added will not be scaled by the amount that the object in layer 1 was.

Jason Lin